Configuration Engine

Die ConfigurationEngine von Marc Burgess findet man auf - das Wiki über


Angesichts des aktuellen Basis an vorhandener Konfiguration (~ 10.000 Zeilen) kann ein Umstieg nur schrittweise erfolgen - allerdings sollten sich die verschiedenen Programm zum Configuration Management eh nicht in die Quere kommen.


Puppet, an automated administrative engine for your *nix systems, performs administrative tasks (such as adding users, installing packages, and updating server configurations) based on a centralized specification.

Puppet can let you focus more on how things should be done and less on doing them. Let computers do what they are good at, precisely perform patterns, so you can focus on creating solutions. The act of specifying the services will help you clarify the systems you actually need and once your services are modelled using Puppet, your ability to scale and recover from hardware failure could just be plugging in a new blade, setting the hostname and starting puppet.




Chef is a systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure. With Chef, you can: