ITP: Plasma Physics Division

The Plasma Physics Division is formed by two strong and successful groups:

Plasma Physics Group     SERF Group

You can find a short summary of the activities and collaborations of the plasma physics division in the following booklets:

english (PDF)     german (PDF)

Members of the Group


Winfried Kernbichler (Head)  
Martin Heyn  

Visiting Scientists:

Sergei Kasilov  
Victor Nemov  
Ivan Ivanov  

Post Docs:

Bernhard Seiwald

Graduate Students:

Klaus Allmaier  
Peter Leitner  
Georg Leitold  
Miran Mulec  

External / Former Members of the Group:

Manfred Heindler   died at May, 13th 2006
Martin Baumann
Christian Eherer
Richard Kamendje  

Further informations:

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