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Modelling of Charge Transport in Solids

Members of our group

To phone one of us, please dial ++43 (0)316 873 and the number given after the name.
Prof. Schuerrer's picture Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. tit. Univ.-Prof. Ferdinand Schürrer
Phone: 8177
Home: ++43 (0)316/427355
Room: PH 02 108
Karins' picture Dr. Karin Zojer
Phone: 8176
Room: PH 02 084

Former members since 2000

Antonius Dorda A novel Numerical Scheme for the Wigner Transport Equation and its Application to Resonant Tunneling Diodes (master thesis 2012)
Manfred Gruber Simulation of the Charge Carrier Transport in Organic Semiconductor Devices (PhD thesis 2012)
Investigation of Morphology Effects on the Performance of Organic Solar Cells and Hybrid Cells by 2D Drift-Diffusion Simulations (master thesis 2009)
Iris Hehn Investigation of the Impact of Interface Dipole Layers on the Performance of Organic Solar Cells by Drift-Diffusion Simulations (master thesis 2012)
Stefan Possanner Modeling and Simulation of Spin-Polarized Transport at the Kinetic and Diffusive Level (PhD thesis 2012)
Drift-Diffusion Simulations of Charge Transport in Organic Field-Effect Transistors (master thesis 2008)
Michael Buchner Simulation of Carrier Transport in Pentacene Thin Film Transistors with Finite Elemente Methods (master thesis 2012)
Omar Morandi Postdoc position financially supported by the FWF-Project P 21326-N16: Direct Simulation of Quantum Transport in Semiconductors (Nov. 2009 - Jan. 2012)
Benjamin Stickler Electron-hole generation and recombination effects in hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells (master thesis 2010)
Thomas Traub A kinetic transport model for the coupled dynamics of electrons and phonons in one-dimensional systems and its application to metallic carbon nanotubes (master thesis 2010)
Alexander Meierhofer Simulation of ammonia sensitive organic field-effect transistors by a two-dimensional drift-diffusion model (master thesis 2010)
Peter Lichtenberger Kinetic Modeling of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Particles in Low-Dimensional and Non-Equilibrium Systems (PhD thesis 2009)
A Semi-Continuous Kinetic Model for the Bipolar Carrier Transport in Semiconductors (master thesis 2004)
Gregor Toschkoff Simulation of Transport Properties in Strained Si/SiGe Heterostructures with Modulated Confining Potentials (master thesis 2009)
Gerald Ossig Electron Transport in Silicon Quantum Wire Devices (PhD thesis 2008)
Severin Sadjina The Circuit Theory of Mesoscopic Transport for Superconducting and Ferromagnetic Structures with Spin-Active Interfaces (master thesis 2008)
Karlheinz Kunter Positioning of vehicles using an inertial navigation system (master thesis 2008)
Christoph Auer Efficient Numerical Methods for Semiclassical Kinetic Equations for Electrons and Phonons in Semiconductors (PhD thesis 2005)
Semi-Continuous Formulation of the Bloch-Boltzmann-Peierls Equations (master thesis 2002)
Andreas Domaingo Simulation of Barrier Controlled Silicon Devices by Means of Kinetic Transport Models (PhD thesis 2005)
A multigroup spline approximation for hot-electron transport equations in a two-band silicon model (master thesis 2002)
Christian Ertler Deterministic Solution Methods for the Linear Boltzmann Equation Describing the Carrier Transport in Semiconductors (PhD thesis 2004)
A Multigroup Spline Approximation in Extendend Kinetic Theory (master thesis 2001)
Martin Galler Multigroup Methods for the Description of the Particle Transport in Semiconductors (PhD thesis 2004)
A Conservative Multigroup P2-Approximation to the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation Based on the Method of Weighted Residuals (master thesis 2002)
Norbert Freiberger Semi-continuous transport equations for phonons and electrons in a multi-valley conduction band (master thesis 2003)
Cornelia Pein Discrete Model for an ideal Gas with elastic and chemical Interactions (master thesis 2003)
Stephan Sagmeister A multicell approximation to the nonlinear Boltzmann equation (master thesis 2003)
Florian Zus BGK-Model for Chemically Reactive Gases (master thesis 2003)
Ingrid Ziegler The Boltzmann Equation for Gas Particles diffusing in a Background Medium and its Solution by Means of a Spline Approximation (master thesis 2002)
Robert Tratnig Semi-continuous Boltzmann Equations for chemically reacting gases (master thesis 2002)
Martin J. Lechner Multi dimensional nonlinear models for metal elastomer components and parameter identification on dynamic test rigs (master thesis 2001)
Friedrich Hanser Applications of Discrete Velocity Models to Rarefied Gas Mixtures Interacting with Monochromatic Photons (PhD thesis 2000)
Winfried Koller Semi-Continuous and Multigroup Models in Extended Kinetic Theory (PhD thesis 2000)
Bernd Messnarz Kinetic models for chemically reacting gases (master thesis 2000)
Martin Sengel Automatisation of construction and solution of discret model boltzmann equations (master thesis 2000)