Practical course in Quantum Mechanics

Last update 01.10.2007


List of problems

Topic Description
1)  Spin-1/2 precession spin 1/2 spin 1/2 dynamics
2)  Free Fall I free fall free fall
3)  Free Fall II free fall, dynamics free fall dynamics
4)  Dynamics in a potential well  exercise 3 dyn_pot_well
5)  Phase- and group-velocity description in mathematica file velocities
6)  Free timeevoltion of  a Gaussian description in mathematica file free particle
7) Ammonia maser exercise 4 ammonia
8) Magnetic Resonance exercise 5 Magnetic Resonance
9) Perturbation Theory I (numerisch) Aufgabenbeschreibung
10) Perturbation Theory II Aufgabenbeschreibungg Perturbation Theory

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