Computer Simulations, lecture and exercises, Summer 2019


Updated lecture notes:  chapter 1  chapter 2  chapter 3   chapter 4   appendix (v2)
For your information: previous lecture notes:  pdf    and addendum 2018:  Introduction to the Finite Element Method  pdf

Related book: B. Stickler and E. Schachinger, Basic Concepts in Computational Physics (Springer, 2nd edition 2016)


Rules:      pdf    

There will be 5 problem sets during the semester.
You will need to reserve slots for showing your programs.  Links for reservations
Group1  Group2  Group3  Group4  

Problem set 1          pdf   (Hand in: weeks of March 11, March 25, or April 1 )
Problem set 2 (v2)     pdf   (Hand in: weeks of April 8 or April 29)
Problem set 3          pdf   (Hand in: weeks of May 6 or May 13)    get_neighbor.m
Problem set 4          pdf   (Hand in: weeks of May 20 or May 27 (June 6 for group 3))
Problem set 5          pdf   (Hand in: weeks of June 3 or June 17 (different for group 3)  


Linux executable for uploads:  upload-cs2019  (v2 without time limits) (for instructions see rules)