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Fluidmechanics with Femlab and Matlab

Franz Rieder, Winfried Kernbichler, Ferdinand Schürrer

We look at the behaviour of a viscous liquid between two infinite long cylinders. For this purpose we solve the Navier-Stokes equations numerically with femlab and show the solution graphically. To get an easier handling there exists a graphical user interface for the matlab environment.

Espacially we consider the case of one cylinder, which rotates with constant angular velocity at first and then halt immediatly.
Due to the viscosity we get a spin-down behaviour; for this case we have an analytical solution for verify our numerical result.

To use these files you must have Matlab 6.1 and Femlab. For Linux systems you should have the kernel 2.4.

Download of the program-files for Matlab (zip-file) and the documentation: http://www.itp.tu-graz.ac.at/MML/FluidMechanik/archiv/

To get startet you must run Matlab and call the file "fluid.m".


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