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 ====== Studies FAQ about Covid-19 (Corona) ====== ====== Studies FAQ about Covid-19 (Corona) ======
 +We will enter and answer questions here that have been sent to the Dean of Studies via **Feedbackr**.
 +There is also a link to Feedbackr itself and to the relevant TU pages here.\\
 +===== Questions and answers =====
 +  - Are there already ideas on how to hold written exams and will they have the same requirements as usual? \\ There will be different approaches: ​
 +    - Digital with Webex or something. In any case you will be informed in time and there will be a test run so that it does not fail due to technical problems.
 +    - In classroom form with strict hygiene requirements probably from mid-May (the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching is still working on the marginal conditions).\\ \\
 +  - Is there already a solution how and when the laboratories will take place?
 +    - The laboratory exercises will probably not take place until July. However, various contingency plans have already been prepared and it is being done to ensure that everything is completed by the end of September and that the next academic year begins without a legacy.\\ \\
 +  - Are there already ideas how to hold written exams and will they have the same requirements as usual?
 +    - The professional requirements will be comparable.\\ \\
 +  - What are the options for Bachelor theses? I would like to do one with a laboratory, are there already alternative solutions?
 +    - You should contact the possible supervisor directly. Scientific laboratory operations can soon be resumed under **strict hygiene conditions**. This would also make it possible to work on bachelor'​s theses again in individual cases. I will ask the institutes to offer possible topics on their website.\\ \\
 +  - In which weeks will the Mechanics and Heat Laboratory be made up for in the summer, and will it be done blocked or only twice a week for several weeks? ​
 +    - Probably blocked in September. The TU exercises will take place in the laboratories and the KFU exercises will be done at home.\\ \\
 +  - What are the options for Bachelor theses? I would like to do one with laboratory, are there already alternative solutions?
 +    - Bachelor'​s theses will soon be available on the institute'​s website. Further details will follow.\\ \\
 +  - Will there be videos or recordings of the lecture in the course "​Electronics and Computer Aided Measurement Technology"​ (PHY.M10UF)?​ Prof. Sprengel announced in March that he would be working on videos. ​
 +    - Colleague Sprengel will take care of that.\\ \\
 +======= Feedbackr ====
 +Under this [[https://​​join/​sd_pyhsik|Link]] you can ask the Dean of Studies questions, which will be answered as soon as possible.
 +===== Link to TU homepage or TU4U =====
 +  * [[https://​​studierende/​unsere-tu-graz/​lehre/​covid-19-praesenzlehre-und-pruefungen/​|Step-by-step plan for the controlled opening of teaching and examination facilities]] at TU4U
 +  * Some questions about teaching and exams are also answered [[https://​​icoe/​coronavirus/​faq-studierende-students/​|here]].
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