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Alcatraz carries on its first season with tonight’s sixth episode “Paxton Petty,” as Detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones), Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia) and Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) race towards time for you to find a previous Alcatraz prisoner (James Pizzinato) known for placing land mines in populated locations in San Francisco.

In 1960, a young Emerson Hauser vomits about the facet of a boat in the Alcatraz dock, as Dr. Sangupta (Parminder Nagra) and Warden James show up to receive a new prisoner Paxton Petty (James Pizzinato), infamous for planting mines in populated spots in San Francisco. Warden James assures Paxton that they’ll find his remaining mines at all necessary, before they go to the prison Hauser nervously asks if Dr. Sangupta wants a journey to the mainland. She declines, but presents him a peppermint for his nausea. In the present, the elder Hauser watches over Lucy’s unconscious system, enjoying new music for her, when a doctor arrives to report that she’s revealed no enhancement, and could have to have DNR instructions. Watch Alcatraz Episdode 11 Online

Somewhere with a neighborhood park, a guy looses your dog to choose a run, when quickly a mine beneath him explodes and blows off his leg! A number of mines erupt in the close by chaos, injuring other pedestrians. When Rebecca and Diego arrive on the scene, Rebecca notices a suspicious guy at the scene that we believe to become Paxton, though Hauser and Diego figure out by themselves that the incident is his handiwork, describing him being a battle engineer gradually tried out for war crimes. When Madsen sees his image, she takes off immediately after the man from previously and stops him, however in protection he rolls a mine at her, which she scarcely escapes.