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What is matclipse?

matclipse is an Eclipse plugin for Matlab® development.

It was developed as part of the MLTutor Project by

David Camhy Georg Huhs Winfried Kernbichler


This plugin is not now available to the public, but it will be very soon. License will be EPL.



Screenshot Matclipse
  • Matlab® Editor
  • Matlab® Console View
  • Matlab® Workspace View
  • Command History View
  • Matlab® Workbench Perspective
  • Matlab® Project Wizard
  • Matlab® File Wizard
  • Command History View
  • Support for Evaluating Matlab® Files
  • Matlab® Builder/Nature Support (mlint)


Screenshot Matlab Editor
  • Syntax-Highlighting
  • Automatic indent
  • Matching Brackets
  • Help
    • Help for Matlab® Functions in Browser
  • Matlab® File Export
    • XML Export
    • Conversion in
      • HTML
      • LaTeX, PDF
  • Code editing actions
    • Comment / Uncomment
    • Automatic indent


Screenshot Console View
  • Syntax Hightlighting
  • Start/Stop Matlab®
  • Abort Matlab® Evaluation
  • Directory Chooser
  • Debug Mode
  • Help Functions
  • Automatic Directory Change
  • Fully customizable Fonts and Colors

Matlab Workspace View

Screenshot Workspace View
  • Support for all Matlab Datatypes (also struct, cell, sparse,..)
  • Global, Local Variables

Command History View

Screenshot Command History View
  • Saveable Command History
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Support