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What is matclipse?

matclipse is an Eclipse plugin for Matlab® development.

It was developed as part of the MLTutor Project.


This plugin is not now available to the public, but it will be very soon. License will be EPL.



Screenshot Matclipse
  • Matlab® Editor
  • Matlab® Console View
  • Matlab® Workspace View
  • Command History View
  • Matlab® Workbench Perspective
  • Matlab® Project Wizard
  • Matlab® File Wizard
  • Command History View
  • Support for Evaluating Matlab® Files
  • Matlab® Builder/Nature Support (mlint)


Screenshot Matlab Editor
  • Syntax-Highlighting
  • Automatic indent
  • Matching Brackets
  • Help
    • Help for Matlab® Functions in Browser
  • Matlab® File Export
    • XML Export
    • Conversion in
      • HTML
      • LaTeX, PDF
  • Code editing actions
    • Comment / Uncomment
    • Automatic indent


Screenshot Console View
  • Syntax Hightlighting
  • Start/Stop Matlab®
  • Abort Matlab® Evaluation
  • Directory Chooser
  • Debug Mode
  • Help Functions
  • Automatic Directory Change
  • Fully customizable Fonts and Colors

Matlab Workspace View

Screenshot Workspace View
  • Support for all Matlab Datatypes (also struct, cell, sparse,..)
  • Global, Local Variables

Command History View

Screenshot Command History View
  • Saveable Command History
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Support