muse2org - convert plan pages from emacs planner mode to org-mode




muse2org was written to convert all project planning data from Emacs planner-mode (basing on muse-mode) to Emacs org-mode. The program tries to iterate over every plan page in your current working directory (skipping day pages) and creating org file in a subdiretory org. It converts some planner entries to their org-mode equivalent while copying the rest of the file verbatim.

muse2org is a perl script intended to be used outside of emacs and allows me to play with orgmode using "live" data while still continue work with planner.

Those entries are converted:

Since I never had much information on day pages, I did not care for them. Be aware: Notes on day pages will not be transferred! Feel free to provide me with code snippets for inclusion, but you are basically on your own.


None - any parameter given on the command line presents this documentation message.


Emacs Org Mode

The Org Manual:

Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

Planner Mode

other migration tools

Worg: Can I migrate from Planner? - did not work for me out of the box, since my tasks are marked with priority and task number. Otherwise plan2org is similar in spirit to this program. seems to be used in an interactive way - transfering incrementally single tasks or small pieces of information to org as seen fit by the user. Not usable for me, but might be much better suited to the task when most of your information is on day pages.


Copyright 2012, Andreas Hirczy <>

muse2org is distributed under the GNU General Public License. muse2org is available from

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