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Traveling, hiking, climbing mountains, skiing, taking pictures. A combination of all these hobbies ended up in this section.
Recently I decided to use Picasa for putting some photos online, so I just give the link to the web page here.

Steinernes Mandl
Marriage Estelle&Jerome
Eisenerzer Reichenstein
Planneralm 2012
Planneralm 2011
Somewhere near Dachstein
Styrian Indian summer
Afrika V - Zanzibar
Afrika IV - Mount Meru
Afrika III - Masai Mara
Afrika II - Kenya's wild north
Afrika I - Rift Valley
Provence encore!
Lac Leman et Haute Savoie
Planneralm Workshop 2009
La mer et la Provence


South America   The pictures from our trip to South America can also be found on the web. We wrote an online diary, with some little stories and a lot of pictures. If you don't know german, just look at the pictures :)
You can find it at

Older albums:

Hochvernagtspitze, 2007 This is from our tour to the Hochvernagtspitze. Compared to the Fluchtkogel, not so much sun, less snow, and less wind. But also very amazing.
Fluchtkogel, 2007 Our tour to the Fluchtkogel. Much sun, much snow, and much wind.
Schladming, 2007 We spent a few days in the Schladming area. first we wanted to climb the Dachstein, but the wheather was really bad. So we decided to go to the Preintaler hut and spend some time there, and what can I say, the "Klafferkessel" are really amazing. I think we will come back some time.
Bösenstein, 2007 The Great Bösenstein. We tried it already last year, but this time we where on top!
Sulzenauhütte, 2007 Some pictures from our trip to the Sulzenau hut. Nice glaciers, although the ice disappeared really fast in this area.
Wasserkuppe, 2007 We started the hiking season 2007 with a walk on the Wasserkuppe in the national park "Hessische Rhön". It is more a hill than a mountain, but it's really nice - if there was not so much trash that people throw away without thinking!!
Rauris and Salzburg, 2007 The last weekend of march we were in Austria for holidays. Julia tried snowboarding again, and she's amazingly gifted for this! And on our way back to Würzburg we visited the city Salzburg for a few hours.
USA, March 2007 These are some pictures from my trip to the United states of America, first to Denver to attend the march meeting of the APS, and afterwards a short trip to Stanford with a really beautiful campus.
Planneralm, Feb 2007 Some pictures of the workshop at the Planneralm organized by the TU Vienna and Karl Heinz Schwarz. I did not put the indoor pictures, but only the ones taken during the afternoons. And I thank Andreas Rief, who made a whole bunch of beautiful pictures.
Davos, Feb 2007 During the Edgar-Lüscher Seminar I visited Ingrid in Davos for a ski tour. It was a very fine and warm day, excellent snow, and so beautifully quiet.
Kitzstein, December 2006 Actually we wanted to go snowboarding this day, but: NO SNOW on the 16th december! So we left the boards at home and went up the Bosruck by foot. To be honest not to the top but only to the Kitzstein, half an hour from the Bosruck.
Heilbronner Weg, September 2006 On 23rd and 24th of September we visited Oberstdorf and the Allgäuer Alps. After a pleasent night in an emergency bed at the Waltenberger hut, we went over the "Heilbronner Weg" to the mountain called "Hohes Licht", and then back into the "hostile life", as Mandi from the Waltenberger hut called ordinary life off the mountains.
Traunstein, August 2006 Salzkammergut, Part III: On the last day of our short trip to the Salzkammergut we climbed the Traunstein near Gmunden. It is a nice tour, but if you have the choice do not go there on a weekend, unless you like crowded mountains.
Dachstein, August 2006 Salzkammergut, Part II: Using the cable car we went up to the Dachstein. We wanted to go up by foot, but it was already too late. Nevertheless, we did a bit of climbing on the Koppenkarstein Westgrat, not to the top, but only to the Austriascharte with the rope bridge.
Hallstatt, August 2006 Salzkammergut, Part I: The ice cave in Obertraun, the lovely city of Hallstatt, and, finally, a picture of the "Kaiservilla" in Bad Ischl.
Franz Senn Hütte, August 2006 From 25th to 27th of August I organized a trip for people of our institute to the Franz-Senn Hütte in the "Stubaier Alpen". For some it was a new experience to face the abyss next to their feet. But all in all a very fine weekend in a beautiful piece of Austria.
During our holiday we decided to visit the Stodertal and climb the Spitzmauer. There is a fairly easy via ferrata (difficulty B), with beautiful views, but no water at all!
In the Tannheimer valley there is an interesting rocky mountain, the Kellespitze. Some climbing in the I. and II. grade, and on 26th of June we made it to the top.
Paris! I think I don't have to say more.
Schitage 2006 No-name / Marboro peak. And definitely not the Angerkogel, where we wanted to get on this tour.
Lawinenkurs 2006 Another extraordinary week on the Planneralm. And again an excellent avalanche safety course by Arno and Charly.
Erwin Wenzl award The Erwin Wenzl award ceremony.
Hochalpinkurs Mountaineering course on the "Dachstein". It was a cold but amazing week.
Würzburg Some impressions of the city of Würzburg.
Eisenerzer Reichenstein If you want to see the "Erzberg" from above, you have to go to the Eisenerzer Reichenstein.
Dugi Otok Dugi Otok, the "Long Island", an island near the Kornati national park in Croatia.
Budapest Our trip to Budapest.
Kaibing and Sparafeld Hiking in the "Xeis", Admonter Kaibing and Sparafeld
Rhodos In september 2004 we visited the Greek island Rhodos. Nice place ...
Bärenschützklamm The romantic "Bärenschützklamm" near Mixnitz in the north of Graz.
Kössen From 14th to 17th April we were in the Kaiserwinkel in Tirol. Here you can find some photos from our trip.
Lawinenkurs In the first week of April 2005 we had a very fine week at the Planneralm, attending an excellent avalanche course. Thanks to Arno, Charly, and Reini!
Schitage 2005 Have a look on our tour to the Karleck near Spital am Phyrn, March 2005.
Bali Some photos from our trip to impressive Bali.
Bear A bear's adventures ...
Schitage 2004 Hinterstoder, February 2004. Some fine days in deep powder snow.
Sternstein Sternstein, 31-01-2004.
Planneralm Planneralm, 18-01-2004. Unfortunately very cloudy conditions.
Kreuzkogel A hiking tour to the Kreuzkogel near Admont.