November 2015


After quite some time we finished work on the companion paper to the TRIQS/DFTTools package. You can find it on the arxiv, or in the publications section.

June 2015


Since a few weeks we have a new group member, Elias Assmann. He is finishing his PhD right now, supervised by Prof. Karsten Held At TU Vienna.
There is also a new preprint, current and dissipation in Hubbard models with electric fields. Check it out!

8 Jan 2015


Happy new year to everybody! This year starts with a new group member. Gernot Kraberger finished his master thesis end of 2014, and joins our team now as a PhD student.
And we got a new preprint out. We studied the insulating state in a material closely related to pnictide superconductors. We could show that the drastic changes in the crystal field splitting, as compared to standard pnictide compounds, are the reason for this behavior. Check out the preprint in the publications section.

22 Dec 2014


We got a nice Christmas present from PRB. The paper with Massimo and Gianluca got published in Physical Review B. First, we tried to publish in PRL, which resulted in quite some hassle with referees. After changing to PRB everything went smooth, and it got accepted quickly.

30 Sep 2014


The summer is almost over, tomorrow we will start the new fall term. The last months were quite busy times, intense, tyring, fascinating, and rewarding.
The summer ends with the completion of Manuel's master thesis. Successful defense today, with distinction! Congratulations! Whoop whoop!

19 Aug 2014


You can find now also a profile on Google Scholar, freshly updated.

1 Aug 2014


Complete relaunch of the website. After many years of not really taking care of this site, I decided to reshape a great part. Time has come for a more professional web appearance. You can find now a more detailed description of our research projects, plus a list of people working in the group. Updates should be done now more regularly.

June 2014


START! I was awarded a START grant of the FWF, money for 6 years! Very good news!