Correlation Phenomena in Solid State Physics:
Open Quantum Systems


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kraus operators and lindblad equation 2017-11-09

notes on decoherence and qubits 2017-11-16

notes on bloch equation 2017-11-23

notes on equations of motion and bosonic cavity 2017-11-23 and 2017-11-30

driven cavity 2017-11-30

NOTICE: the handwritten notes vietri-lecturenotes.pdf used in class also have a printed version with more text: vietri-proceedings.pdf which can be downloaded here as well. It is going to be printed in Springer as a book chapter

2017-12-07: formal solution of lindblad (from vietri notes p.41)
Same in printed proceedings p.17

2017-12-07: Microscopic derivation (from vietri notes p.47)
Same in printed proceedings p.19
On 2017-12-14 we continued the chapter on "Microscopic derivation" until vietri-lecturenotes.pdf page 60.

On 2018-01-11 we continued the chapter on "Microscopic derivation" (now from printed proceedings) pag. 22-27

On 2018-01-18 we discussed the sol. of Eq. 50 and Sec. 4.5 (p. 27)

Task for 2018-01-25 Quantum regression theorem: Sec 6 (p.37), skip 6.1, then 6.2 except the very last paragraph.
Assignment for 2018-01-25: exercise on two sites with current

Correlation functions evaluated with QRT (Discussed on 2018-01-25).
At the end of these notes you'll find different assignements for 2018-02-01. Of course, you don't have to do all of them. Just pick what you prefer.

Exercises from Vietri's lecture notes

Further material from previous years:


open-af.pdf (afisher)


pauli-master-and-highbias.pdf: Pauli-Master equation


quantum regression theoem




direct link Super fermion representation (A. A. Dzhioev and D. S. Kosov 2011)

Lecture Notes of the XX Training Course in the Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems

Vietri sul Mare, Oct 2016