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I am a professor emeritus of Theoretical Physics at the age of 75.  I still give courses and I do research
in applied theoretical physics, in particular on applied electrodynamics (signal generation in particle
counters and field computations) and  Theoretical Atomic Spectroscopy (Stark Zeeman effect).

Personal items

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  • Institutional Visit Card
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of papers

  • My wife Mariaferdinanda is an artist.
    She has her own website with colored pictures and texts in German.

  • Mariaferdinanda Schnizer

  • One of my daughters plays and teaches piano.

    Katharina Schnizer

    Teaching material

  • Course Notes: Introduction into Mathematica
  • Course Notes: Analytical Methods in Applied Theoretical Physics (in German)
  • Course Material: Symmetry Groups in Quantum Mechanics
  • Course Material: Conformal Maps

  • Course: Introduction into Mathematica
    is based on Version 5.2 (in particular: "for Mac OS X (February 24, 2006)").
    Access to the subsite Course: Introduction into Mathematica is restricted to users
    logging in from the institute or from our Physics Computer room.
    Notebooks for Version 6.0.1 will be prepared in the course of the summer term 2008 and
    put into a proper location as soon as they are converted. The inclusion of new commands
    belonging to this new version will take same time.

    Other people interested in the course notes and notebooks should contact
    B. Schnizer:  bernhard.schnizer@tugraz.at

    Analytical Methods in Applied Theoretical Physics
    (= "Analytische Methoden in der Angwandten Theoretische Physik")
     is a course given in German. The course notes are also in German.
    Each chapter is in a separate pdf-file.
    Not all of them are ready for presentation on the subsite.
    Some material is also presented in Mathematica notebooks.

    I have given the main course on Analytical Mechanics for a long time.
    You may find the course notes at the following site:
  • Course in Analytical Mechanics (in German)

  • Research

  • Theoretic Atomic Spectroscopy
  • Theory of Chambers
  • CelestialMechanics
  • MedicalPhysics