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Workshop on Kinetic Theory in Stellarators, 13th - 15th September 2004, Graz, Austria

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Stellarator Optimization

The aim of this project is the development of a new and fast code for optimizing existing stellarators, based on the existing code for calculating neoclassical transport. The code is able to deal with realistic vacuum fields and the optimization can be done without any restrictions to the complexity of the field.

The simulation could show the amount of possible improvement of existing stellarators when modifying the currents or changing the position and angle of the coils. The proposed tool can find the optimal configuration with respect to neoclassical transport in the long-mean-free-path regime for existing experiments.

Another point is to show that it is possible to do such an optimization in a shorter time compared to the time which is needed by procedures, which are currently used and need an equilibrium solver. Parallelizing the program is the way to make a cheap cluster of PCs accessible for such a work. Therefore, there is no need to use expensive super computers for this purpose.

Members of the Group


Winfried Kernbichler (Head)  
Martin Heyn  

Visiting Scientists:

Sergei Kasilov  
Victor Nemov  
Ivan Ivanov  

Post Docs:

Bernhard Seiwald

Graduate Students:

Klaus Allmaier  
Peter Leitner  
Georg Leitold  
Miran Mulec  

External / Former Members of the Group:

Manfred Heindler   died at May, 13th 2006
Martin Baumann
Christian Eherer
Richard Kamendje  


Publications of members of the group

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