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The TU4U is a good contact point for most questions about studying. On this page you will find extracts from the TU4U and other important links.

Registration for NAWI Exercise Groups

Since physics is a NAWI study, most exercises are held together (TU and KFU groups). In order to make the registration process both efficient on the administrative side and unambiguous for the student, there is a simple rule:

The registration for the exercise takes place at the university, which also holds the corresponding lecture. As the lectures are usually held alternately from year to year between the two universities, the place of registration also changes. When you register, you can then decide whether you want to be in a TU or KFU group.

Your group will be transferred to the appropriate university at the end of the registration phase.

E-mail and calendar

This Link can be helpful when setting up the TUG Mail and subscribing to the calendar from the TUG Online.

Credits from Secondary Educational Institutions

In most cases, only three courses can be credited for the Bachelor's programme and this must be clarified with the Dean's Office on a case-by-case basis. The following courses can be credited:

  1. PHY.M10UF Electronics and computer aided measurement VO
  2. PHY.M20UF Electronics and computer aided measurement LU
  3. PHY.J30UB Electronics and Sensors VU

Requirements for Recognition

Note: Often only applies to HTL graduates.

Master Technical Physics is not eligible for credit from secondary educational institutions.

Recognition of vocational practice

If a job-oriented practice is a useful supplement to the course of study, the maximum amount of ECTS credits credited to the free subject in the curriculum can be credited. The credit must be applied for at the Dean of Studies and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Information sheet on the crediting of professional practice

Semester abroad


Additions to commission checks

You can read the Regulations on Commission Exams hier and all other information is available on this page.

In order to take a commission exam, you must first complete an application form:

Please note: When electing the members of the examination board, the chair must always come from the university at which the course was held.

My Student Representation

NAWI Physics Base Group: here

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