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Master's studies in physics

TU4U Go-Link: here

Study plans (curricula)

  1. NAWI Master Physics: en
  2. NAWI Master Technical Physics: en
  3. Master Technical Physics (expiring until 30.09.2020): de

Semester plans

  1. Semester Plan Master Physics: here
  2. Semester Plan Master Technical Physics: here
  3. Semester Plan Master Technical Physics (expiring until 30.09.2020): here


Technical Physics academic year 2018/19: here

Technical Physics Academic Year 2019/20: here

Master's thesis

  • At the beginning of the master thesis, please fill out this form and hand it in at the dean's office: here
  • You can download the template for the cover sheet and the affidavit here: en
  • You can download the information sheet for the master thesis here: en

Completion of the Master's programme

This list of documents can serve as an orientation aid for the completion of the Master's programme: here

All other documents, as described in the list of documents, can be found under the following Link, in the area of graduation.

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