• I am currently training mainly in Graz (I.Dan). I am "Übungsleiter" as well as Kata and Kumite Judge B.

    Martin Nuss Image by J. Krenn.
  • I started Goju Ryu Karate in Linz with Shihan Takeshi Ogawa 9.Dan at BBSV Linz.

    Takeshi Ogawa
  • Currently I am mainly training Shotokan Karate in Graz with Gernot Riedl 6.Dan at Karatedo Graz. Here I also completed the Übungsleiterkurs Karate in 2012. On Fridays you can find me training the childrens' classes.

    Gernot Riedl
  • During the holiday season or whenever I am in Linz I train at the IOGKF Goju Ryu Dojo of Helmut Leitner 5.Dan ASKÖ OES Linz Karate, ...

    Helmut Leitner
  • ... as well as the Shotokan Dojo of Hubert Havlik 6.Dan Seibukan Linz.

    Hubert Havlik
  • During my time in Göttingen I trained with Thomas Meissner at the IOGKF dojo in Göttingen.

    Thomas Meissner