La Corde Sensible

[La Corde Sensible]

Image description

To participate in The Internet Ray Tracing Competition (Topic Glas, Jan.+Feb. 1997) I have hacked a shameless remake of Rene Magrittes "La corde sensible": A sommer landscape with a huge cup of glass, which holds a cloud.

How this image was created

All objects have been modeled with emacs. The Glass is a surface of revolution; hills in the background have been generated with Heightfield-Lab by John Beale. I have written a simple C++ programm (source included) to randomly place trees.

TITLE: "La corde sensible"
NAME: Andreas Hirczy
TOPIC: Glass
RENDERER USED: POV-Ray 3.01.Linux.gcc
TOOLS USED: emacs, g++, Heightfield-Lab

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