Advanced Quantum Mechanics VO (WS 2018/19)

Lecture Notes
  • Topics/requirements for the VO exam will be the same as in February 2019, also for individual exams taking place in my office:
    (i) (partially) solving written exercises/examples related to the ones done in the exercise class in that semester (mainly the ones after the UE test), as well as
    (ii) theory questions.
  • Dates are/will be posted in TUG online. Please note the registration deadlines.
  • Theory topics of the lecture (2018/19) are (see actual version of the lecture notes) Chap 4 until 12 included, except following sections: 5.5 , from 9.6 until the end of chap 9, 11.4 until the end of chap 11, 12.1.4 until the end of chap 12
  • No auxiliary materials are allowed

  • Lecture Notes from 2018/19

    Advanced Quantum Mechanics (WS 2019/20)

    Advanced Quantum Mechanics (WS 2019/20)

    Information about the course

    New: from the third time on you get 1 point per succesful presentation

    Problem set 0, will be done in class on Oct. 2

    Solution* to problem set 0

    Problem set 1, to be discussed on Oct 16th

    Solution* to problem set 1

    Problem set 2, to be discussed on Oct 30th

    Solution* to problem set 2

    Problem set 3, to be discussed on Nov 13th

    Solution* to problem set 3

    Solution* to the first test

    Problem set 4, to be discussed on Nov 27th

    Solution* to problem set 4

    Problem set 5, to be discussed on Dec 11th

    Solution* to problem set 5

    Problem set 6, to be discussed on Jan 15th

    Solution* to problem set 6

    Problem set 7, to be discussed on Jan 29th

    Solution* to problem set 7

    Solution* to the last test

    (* Solutions are by Nikita Reichelt)

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