Debian GNU/Linux at ITP

Software for Debian GNU/Linux

Software, which is not included in stock Debian, too old or otherwise not suitable for our installation can be installed from ITPs Debian package repository for architectures amd64 and i386 (only a few). Add the following lines to your /etc/apt/source.list to install these packages:

  deb  buster  main system backports
  deb-src  buster  main system backports

The repositories have roughly those contents:

software for scientific and desktop use - numerical and symbolic computing, visualization, libraries, and some text editors, graphics and photography tools, office and multimedia applications, ...
system software (adopted to our environment using Kerberos 5 and OpenAFS). Please check carefully before using this repository - most likely some packages will not do what you expect them to do.
software backported from Debian unstable, copied from Debian Backports or elsewhere.
software with restrictions
experimental software - do not use!

A word of warning: please check before installing or updating from these repositories. I do test all packages before inserting in these repositories, but there is no established formal quality assurance procedure in use.

Signed repository for Debian

The repositories are signed by GNU Privacy Guard key of Andreas Hirczy. Import my public key (fingerprint: 884C BE2F 0F8F 7A25 E106 E292 2DB8 935D 2FEF D5FA) with either
  gpg --recv-keys      0x2DB8935D2FEFD5FA
  gpg --fingerprint    0x2DB8935D2FEFD5FA
  gpg --armor --export 0x2DB8935D2FEFD5FA | sudo /usr/bin/apt-key add -
or (if you feel especially brave/careless)
  curl | sudo /usr/bin/apt-key add -
  sudo /usr/bin/apt-key adv --recv-keys 0x2DB8935D2FEFD5FA