First aid

In case of an accident or severe illness at work please consult the appointed first aiders; either Prof. Martin Heyn or Andreas Hirczy (8190).

First aid equipment is available in the middle of the cabinets by the northern wall on second and third floor. If you use some of this equipment on your own, please contact the persons mentioned above to check and refill.

An automatic defibrillator is near the main entry to the building. This device is self explanatory and designed to be also used by untrained helpers.

Fire prevention and protection - Brandschutz

Please see the support material for our "Brandschutzbelehrung" and consult the fire safety regulations.

In short words:

  • Don't panic!
  • Call for help - either by fire alarm trigger near entrance or via telephone number "122".
  • Warn/help your neighbours!
  • Get out and collect at assembly point NT2 - car park beetwen physics and bio-chemistry building. Close doors, but do not lock them! Do not use the lift/elevator! Please find more directions for evacuation on the plans in the stairway. And better look there right now, you might be in a hurry next time.
  • In case the stairway is smokey, stay in your room and close all doors. Open window if there is no smoke outside. Make yourself visible from the ground.
  • Don't bother with fire extinguishers unless you have got at least basic training.

Dangerous Materials and Equipment

Due to the nature of our Institute we do not handle dangerous materials.

Unluckily, some of our office equipment incurs a slight possibility of injurence. A list of these machines follows, along with a web link to their user manuals. You are required to consult the user manual and seek advice by Andreas Hirczy befor using those machines. A printed user manual should be available near those items.

Hints for a healthy working environment!

Find a lot of hints for organizing your workspace for a comfortable and healthy working environment at TU4U Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheit - Ergonomische Tipps .

Please consult Andreas Hirczy (8190) or Johannes Knapp (Sicherheitsvertrauensperson, 6578) if you feel you have found a cause for probable accident.

"Aushangpflichtige Gesetze"

For security reasons and to inform you about your rights as an employee, there is a series of laws and regulation available at Wirtschaftkammer Austria.

Online coursework

If you have already received these instructions, you can also watch and solve the online courses at Teach Center. Please follow at least course B01 and S09. Both courses are available in german and english, they require about 30 minutes each.