Enrico Arrigoni



Address: Institute of Theoretical Physics
                 Graz University of Technology
                 Petersgasse 16
                A-8010 Graz,

Phone:    +43  316  873 - 8180
FAX:      +43  316  873 - 8677
email:       arrigoni at tugraz.at

Master Theses available

Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Lectures in the Summer Term 2021:

Green's functions in Many-Particle Physics

Introductory lecture, Monday, Mar 1th, (see TUG online)

MATHEMATICA for Theoretical Physics: Symbolic and Numerical Computation

Tipps on how to present equations in video conference mode

Lectures in Winter Term 2020/21:

Many-Body Systems out of Equilibrium

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Theoretische Mechanik UE

Atom Physics - Quantum Mechanics

Lectures in WS2019/20:

Open Quantum Systems

Further information and material

Advanced Quantum Mechanics Exercises

Theoretische Mechanik VO und UE

Atom Physics - Quantum Mechanics