Advanced Quantum mechanics

Old material from WS 16/17's course

Exercise modus

Information about the final exam on Fri Feb 2. at 13:15

- Students of TU-Graz groups will write the exam in the Hoersaal P2 (PHEG002) of the TU, sudents of KFU groups will go into the HS 05.12 of the KFU physics institute (first floor).
-You will be allowed to use one A4-sheet with your handwritten notes. No books nor scripts nor electronics devices are allowed. We will provide useful formulas for complicated integrals.
-Cellphones must be switched off during the exam
-There will be an extra consultation hour on the day of the exam on Friday Feb. 2. at 10:00 in HS P3 (at TU, open for all students). This information can be also found in TUG-Online. Our assistants will try to correct the exercises by that day so that you can get them back.

We offer a (non mandatory) consultation hour in which we will help you in solving the exercises before the problem-solving class. The idea is that you already start doing them before that and come on monday with questions, discuss difficulties etc.
This consultation hour takes places in HS P2, TU Graz, on Mondays in the weeks in which we have a problem solving class. The time is generally 15:00, but sometimes it changes, see TUG-Online. The offer holds, of course, both for TUG and KFU groups.
Before the mid-term exam (29.11) the consultation hour will take place on Friday 24.11 at 13:00 in HS P2 instead of monday 27.11. The information can be also found in TUG-Online.

Problem sheets (WS 17/18)

Sheet 1, due: Oct 11, 2017

Sheet 2, due: Oct 25, 2017

Sheet 3, due: Nov 15, 2017 (careful: there was a small mistake in the first version in Probl. 3.2 )

Sheet 4, due: Dec 12, 2017

Sheet 5, due: Jan 17, 2018

Notes on additional of angular momentum by Richard Berger

Sheet 6, due: Jan 31, 2018

Exams dates (for KFU and TU groups):

Nov. 11 2017 at 12:15 in HS P2 and TDK Seminarraum, Petersgasse 16: mid-term written exam
Feb 2 2017 at 13:15 in HS P2, Petersgasse 16: final written exam

Online system to check exercises

Online checking of exercises (KFU groups check in class)
Deadline to mark/remove marks is on the day of the exercises at 8:00 AM
The first time, please request a new password. This will be sent to your TU-Graz email address. You must already have signed up to the class in TUGonline. Notice that there can be a delay of up to one day between signing up to the class and your clearance for the checking system.

In case of problems please send an e-mail to