Workshop on Kinetic Theory in Stellarators

13th - 15th September 2004, Graz, Austria

N.B. Marushchenko High-field-side ECE diagnostic for W7-X: some features and advantages
R. Kamendje Nonlinear Modeling of ECRH/ECCD
H. Maaßberg Neoclassical Transport Modelling for Impurities in the Tracer Limit
S. Murakami LHD Plasma analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulations
M. Schmidt Hybrid Fokker-Planck Monte Carlo Techniques
V. Tribaldos Activities during last months
C.D. Beidler The Shortcomings of the Conventional Ripple Average for Use in Determining 'Parallel' Transport Coefficients and Their Possible Amelioration
D.A. Spong Neoclassical Parallel Momentum Balance and Flow Damping in Stellarators
W. Kernbichler DKE Solver NEO-2: Field Line Tracing Revisited
B. Seiwald Optimization of Neoclassical Transport in Stellarators
H. Maaßberg Self-consistent Neoclassical Transport Modelling for Tokamaks with E_r included
M.F. Heyn Drift wave instability excited within the resonant zone by rotating perturbation fields
D. R. Mikkelsen Neoclassical transport in NCSX --- Bernhard Seiwald (, 2004-09-20 08:25:45