Electrodynamics (Exercises)

Winer semester 2015-16

Lecturer assistant:     Dr. Irakli Titvinidze
e-mail:                         irakli(dot)titvinidze(at)tugraz(dot)at
phone:                         0316 873 - 8196


Retry exam will take place 15.04.2016 from 13:00 to 16:00 in HS A (NT01004)

Please do not forget to register for it!

30 - 37.5
37.5 - 45
45 - 52.5

To pass the exam one has to obtain at list 18 points in the written test.

Dear students,

I would like to welcome you to the electrodynamics tutorials. There will be 3 groups. Tutorial sessions will take place approxmately every second Friday (check TUG online for exact dates). For 1st group 08:30-10:00, for 2nd group 10:15-11:45 and for 3rd group 09:30-11:00.

Usually exercises will appear online at least 6 days prior to the exercise date. You can find them in this web-page.

You can hand over the written exercises in groups of maximum two persons, but each of you must be able to present it.

Tutorials consists of a written test and homework. From the written test you can obtain maximum 40 points, while from homework 20 points. The overall grade for the course unit is the sum of points obtained for homework and written test. To get positive mark it is necessary to get at least 12 points in homework and at least 20 points in written test.

In the beginning of each tutorial session (in the class), you must mark exercises which you have elaborated and can present with cross. Each exercise which is marked with cross will be graded by one credit, if it is not stated otherwise. Ticked off exercises have to be handed in written form as well. They will be checked, but not graded. You will be randomly asked to present them in the class. You will be allowed to use your notes.

If due to some major impediment you are not able to attend the class, then either one of your friends can hand over your solutions for you, or you should send it via e-mail before class is started.

For homework you get points based on ticked off exercises (maximum 15 points) and based on presentation (maximum 5 points).

  • Points for ticked off exercises are calculated as the following
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  • Each presented exercise will be graded from 0 to 5 point based on originality and understanding task and will be averaged in the end of the semester.

    Note that cheating will be punished! If ticked off exercise is missing or solved very poorly (there is no trace of work) then your credits for this exercise will be cancelled. If its happened second time then you might be crossed out from exam.

    Best wishes
    Irakli Titvinidze


    Exercise (pdf)
    Dirichlet problem; Maxwell stress tensor; angular momentum
    problem set 1
    Wave packet in vacuum; Reflection and Refraction at Boundaries; Dielectric-Metal Contact
    problem set 2
    Wave guide; Dielectric function ϵ(ω)
    problem set 3
    Radiation of a charged particle; Dipole antenna
    problem set 4
    Rotating dipole; Usage of the multipole expansion
    problem set 5
    Transformation of velocities; General Lorentz transformation; Special relativity
    problem set 6
    Lorentz transformation of fields, Lorentz invariance
    problem set 7
    Discussion before exam (attendance is not necessary)
    no problem set